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Markham District had lunched its first ever Pottery Show on the 04th of April 2024 at Mutzing Station, Morobe Province.

Presented at the event was the Executive Director of National Cultural Commission Mr. Steven Kilanda. Mr Kilanda travel form Nadzab to Mutzing to officially presented a certificate of recognition to the Markham Claypot Show Committee, and officially designating it as a national event to be held annually.

Mr. Kilanda told the people of Markham to maintain their traditions. He said, “All the other provinces have their own cultures and traditions but for us here in Markham I want you all to hold on to your culture of pottery making”.

Mr Kilanda urged the people of Markham to support and market their product since it is now recognised by the National Cultural Commission.

He said, “We must market and showcase our pottery and claypot to the world because it is our cultural product”.

Mr. Kilanda expresses his satisfaction and gratitude towards the people of Markham for registering their show. He emphasized the significance of pottery, which is among the cultural practices fading away in different parts of Papua New Guinea.

The Markham Pottery Show has been granted recognition and will now be integrated into the NCC’s Events Calendar. This marks a significant milestone, as Markham becomes the first district in Morobe Province to be featured on the commission’s official calendar.

Markham District Woman Council President Ludy Jacob said, “We are proud of our potter products and always like to show it off at big events”.

The show committee appreciate and thanked National Cultural Commission for seeing the potential in reviving the claypot production in Markham. NCC’s support means a lot and shows how important it is to keep the culture alive.

Claypot is one of the unique iconic cultures that is losing its importance in the society. However, supporting such cultural event will provide a platform to safeguard, developed, promote, and protect claypot culture in Markham.

The National Cultural Commission commits K10,000 to assist with the preparation of the Markham Claypot Show.

The show date is in planning and will be released on later date but is set to held on before the annual Morobe show in Lae.


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