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We Preserve, Promote, Develop & Safeguard our Tangible & Intangible Cultural Heritage.

About National Cultural Commission

Papua New Guinea  National Cultural Commission is one of the cultural agencies under the Ministry of Tourism Arts and Culture. The National Cultural Commission is mandated by the Government in 1994 to carry out is  primary   objective  to assist,  facilitate, preserve, protect, develop, promote and safeguard the traditional cultures of the indigenous people of Papua New Guinea

Functions and Responsibilities


To facilitate the preservation, protection, development and promotion of traditional cultures of indigenous people of Papua New Guinea;


To encourage the development, promotion and protection of the contemporary cultures of Papua New Guinea;


To facilitate the marketing of selected and approved aspects of the cultures of Papua New Guinea;


To co-ordinate and partner with Government and non-government agencies on cultural matters;

Cultural Activities

To co-ordinate cultural activities with provincial and local cultural authorities; and


To liaise with international cultural organizations;

Our Goal
Our Goal

1. Foster respect and collaboration with all communities, organizations and stakeholders concern with the preservation, protection and promotion of PNG cultural heritage 

2.  Identify and stimulate the growth and the market of creative industries

3. Promote Nation building through Cultural Education

4. Improve and strengthen the corporate governance of the Commission


Preserving, Communicating and Celebrating Papua New Guinea Diversity


To Preserve, Promote and Safe Guard Our Diverse Tangible and Intangible Cultural Heritage

National Cultural Commission Institute

Year Founded

Institute of PNG Studies

Port Moresby, Boroko, National Capital District

National Film Institute

Goroka, Eastern Highland Province, PNG

National Performing Arts & Troupe

Goroka, Eastern Highland Province, PNG

First Contemporary Arts Exhibition

We Preserve, Promote, Develop and Safeguard our Tangible & Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Executive Director Foreword

The National Cultural Commission has very important mandate and functional responsibility in the face of this modern and current development transition. As custodian of this culture and tradition, it is our duty to preserve, protect, promotes and safeguard Papua New Guinea tangible and intangible cultural heritage as well as our contemporary culture.

National Cultural Institutions

The National Cultural Institutions play a important roles to preserve and document the cultural heritage of Papua New Guinea through film, drama and recording.

Institute of PNG Studies

We have a responsibility to Papua New Guineans in the past, present, and future to ensure their cultural heritage is preserved for present and future generations.

National Film Institute

Develop major theatrical productions on myths and legends of PNG and train the community and the young generation on the importance of theatre arts and culture.

National Performing Arts Troupe

The objectives of the Institution are to film for cultural preservation, and educate PNG through films about cultural knowledge and encourage the making of PNG film

Helplines Services

For more information please do contact us 

(+675) 323 5111

Explore Our Division

The Cultural Commission is  structured according to four internal divisions :

Executive Service Division

It is responsible for the overall and effective management of the Commission on a daily basis. It also maintains strategic direction and partnerships with local, national and international organizations connected to the work of the culture.

Policy, Planning & Regulator Division

The Policy, Research and Regulatory Services Division has three distinct functions which are complement each other in the areas of: (i) policy formulation and development in cultural heritage, arts, international organizations’ programmes and activities, (ii) Research and documentation, and (iii) Regulatory compliance and monitoring.

Corporative Service Division

 The Corporate Services Division’s primary role is to provide financial accountability, recruitment, training for effective and efficient delivery of service.

Culture, Festival & Marketing Division

Cultural Services Development Division comprises of four (4) branches including: (i) Cultural Development, (ii) Marketing, (iii) Festival and (iv) Cultural industries. Cultural development relies on information and data pertinent to culture and arts of PNG which must be recorded and retained in an appropriate database system.

Registering of Cultural/Contemporary Groups and Individual Artists in Papua New Guinea

Encourage cultural preservation amongst the registered cultural/contemporary groups or individual artists in line with the Commission’s guidelines on Preservation and Performances

Upcoming Events and Activities

Festival and events for the  month of September and October


Contempary Arts Exhibition

Tavur Festival

Hiri Molale

Explore Our Culture

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Traditional Knowledge and Cultural Expression bill

The Senior Management Team from NCC met with Dr Kwa and had a very fruitful discussion to push for the Traditional Knowledge and Cultural Expression bill

MOU signing between Milne Bay Provincial Government and the National Cultural Commission

The official MOU signing between Milne Bay Provincial Government and the National Cultural Commission took place today at Kiriwina Secondary School in Trobian Island,Milne Bay Province during the official Launching of the Kiriwina Cultural Show.

Minister Leonard launches a book about Kowai people's Culture.

The cultures, traditions, lifestyle and customs of the people of Kowai of the Siassi Islands of Morobe Province have been captured in a new released book called ‘Kowai-Wisdom’.

Kopen Take Pii Festival was officially launch

Kopen Take Pii Festival was officially launched by the Minister for Tourism,Arts and Culture Hon. Isi Henry Leonard on the 5th August 2021at Kopen Village, Wabag Enga Province.

Siwai Cultural Show Launching

Siwai Cultural Show was officially launched by the Minister for Tourism, Arts and Culture Hon. Isi Henry Leonard and Minister for Communication and Information Technology and Member for South Bougainville Hon. Timothy Masiu 

Opening of National Flim Institute New Studio Complex

Papua New Guinea National Cultural Commission delivers yet another impact project in National Flim Institue New Studio Complex with less cost.