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Minister Leonard Delivered The Ministerial Statement For The Cultural Policy On The Floor Of Parliament.

Minister for Tourism, Arts and Culture Hon. Isi Henry Leonard successfully presented the Ministerial Statements on the National Cultural Policy 2022 to 2032 at the Parliament House on Thursday 1st December 2022.

National Cultural Commission has sucessfully delivered the National Cultural Policy 2022 to 2032 after 47 years.Development of this cultural policy met all the requisite processes of policy development. From background research to institutional problem analysis, the National Cultural Commission’s Policy Team has held provincial and regional consultations. Furthermore, our policy was peer-reviewed by reputable local and international experts before being endorsed by the National Cultural Commission Board and presented for stakeholders’ validation. On Thursday 14th April 2022, the cultural policy was brought before the National Executive Council after being vetted by the Central Agencies Coordinating Committee

Culture has Economic Potential
The National Cultural Policy is result-driven with clear sector priorities and development plans. It is the intent of the policy to offer clear directions in planning and prioritizing cultural service delivery and development in the country. Equally, we want culture to be realized for its value and worth towards communities and its contributions towards nation-building. Our goal for this policy is clear, that is making culture the foundation for economic development because of its sustainable attributes and ever-present quality in all communities for sharing and enjoyment.
This is the first ever 10 year National Cultural Policy in Papua New Guinea since Independence. Papua New Guinea is also the first country to deliver policy on culture in Pacific including Australia and New Zealand. It is indeed the biggest and milestone achievement for Papua New Guinea as a country. The National Cultural Policy was officially launched by the Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea Hon. James Marape on the 09th June 2022 at the APEC Haus, Port Moresby.
Thank you and congratulations to those individuals, professionals and stakeholders involved in delivering this very important policy for our country.
Milne Bay Provincial Government Partner With Ncc To Launch Its First Provincial Cultural Events Calendar For 2023.
MILNE Bay Province becomes the first Provincial Centre’s to have its Cultural Events Calendar for the year 2023 registered, officially certified and launched by the National Cultural Commission working in partnership with Milne Bay Provincial Tourism Bureau on Wednesday, 13th, December 2022 in Alotau Town.
Milne Bay Province dubbed as one of the Country’s tourism hub lived up to its expertise partnering with the National Cultural Commission (NCC) bears the fruits of this partnership through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed earlier paving the way forward to use culture as a tool to enhance and promote culture tourism concept in the province. Itwas a moment they (people) have been waiting for to finally see their cultural events and festivals registered on the Provincial events calendar 2023 and beyond.
NCC Inks First Deal To Proceed With Staff Housing Scheme

THE National Cultural Commission, a Government Agency mandated to protect, preserve, safeguard, develop and promote Papua New Guinea’s tangible and intangible cultural heritages made the move to secure 100 allotments from the State allocated land at Duran Farm which is managed by the National Housing Corporation. The Duran Farm project came about in 2014 after the National Executive Council gave the approval to implement the Public Servant Housing Program (Scheme). Basically to relieve the public servants from the housing dilemma.

National Cultural Commission Signs another Pack with Autonomous Bougainville Government.

The National Cultural Commission and the Autonomous Bougainville Government signs a Memorandum of Understanding at the Holiday Inn and Suits on the 1st of December 2022.This is the sixth MoU signed by the NCC with the Provincial Government to promote and preserve culture in and around the country. The signing of the MoU is another step taken by the NCC to help each province to revive and realm their almost extinct culture.

Presented at the event, was Minister for Tourism Arts and Culture, Hon. Isi Henry Leonard the National Cultural Commission Executive Director Mr. Steven Enomba Kilanda, and Minsters from ABG, Minister for Community Development, Arts and Culture, Hon. Morris Opeti, Minister for Justice, Attorney General and Bougainville Independent Implementation Mission, Hon. Ezekiel Massat, Minister for Police John Bosco Ragu.

NCC supports PNG Fashion & Design with K10,000.

National Cultural Commission yesterday supported PNG Fashion and Design with K10,000 to help stage its fashion parade in Port Moresby this weekend.Executive Director Steven Enomb Kilanda, when presenting the cheque, said NCC has been very supportive towards the fashion industry over the years, and added that the agency is proud to be able to support PNG Fashion and Design stage its annual fashion parade this weekend.

NCC, UPNG sign deal to benefit and deliver more.
The National Cultural Commission and the University of Papua New Guinea yesterday reached a milestone achievement when they signed a deal to enhance their respective endeavors to be more constructive, collaborative and progressive in their efforts to serve the people and the country.
The Memorandum of Understanding signed by UPNG Vice Chancellor Professor Frank Griffin and NCC Executive Director Steven Enomb Kilanda is believed to provide the leeway to pursue their respective programs in the areas of culture and arts.VC Griffin says he is excited now that the university will be able to collaborate constructively in capacity building, research and enter into activities beneficial to the university and the agency, particularly in areas where elements of culture and arts exist. He noted the significance of Papua New Guinea’s rich and diverse cultural heritage and stressed the importance of not just capturing it to save it from extinction but storing it for future studies and use by generations to come.

STAFF and employees of the National Cultural Commission were told t and that is to improve on their dressing code and attitudes as professionals setting high standards in the public service sector. National Cultural Commission Executive Director Mr. Steven Enomb Kilanda when addressing the new recruits or staff to the Commission emphasized more on improving staff dressing code and change of attitudes.

Art exhibition opening streamed online
The opening of the 2nd National Contemporary Arts Exhibition on the evening of September 14 was streamed online on a space called the Creative Hub.This technological advancement in the promotion and marketing of local Papua New Guinean artists was made known during the launch of the exhibition by the Minister for Tourism Art and Culture, Isi Henry Leonard, witnessed by members of the diplomatic corps, government representatives, art lovers and local artists.
Kilanda calls on development partners to promote local artists

The National Cultural Commission has called on development partners to help expose local Papua New Guinean artists.Executive Director of NCC, Steven Enomb Kilanda made the call on Wednesday (Sept. 14) during the opening of the 2nd National Contemporary Arts Exhibition at APEC Haus in Port Moresby. The opening was attended by members of the diplomatic corps including Malaysia, New Zealand, United States of America, Australia, government representatives from the department of National Planning and Monitoring, Office of Higher Education and the University of Papua New Guinea.

Official Launching of NATIONAL CULTURAL POLICY 2022-2032
The National Cultural Commission has been elevated to the economic sector with a whooping annual funding support of K45 million.
This shift was announced by the Minister for Tourism Arts and Culture, Isi Henry Leonard, during the launch of the National Cultural Policy 2022 – 2032 last Friday at APEC Haus in Port Moresby.
National Cultural Commission sucessfully hosted the World Cultural Diversity Day

National Cultural Commission sucessfully hosted the World Cultural Diversity Day on the 21st May 2022. It was the first time PNG observed the World Cultural Diversity Day organized by the state agency responsible for the cultural affairs in the country. Thank you Minister for Tourism, Arts and Culture Hon. Isi Henry Leonard for officially opening the World Cultural Diversity Day. We also thank the representatives from US and China Embassies for joining us on that event. Minister Leonard declared that PNG will observe the World Cultural Diversity Day on every 21st May annually. We would make it bigger and better next year and onwards

PNG to enter Oscar Awards
PAPUA New Guinea has been accepted to participate in the prestigious Oscar Academy Awards in United States. The affiliation follows an acceptance by the Academy a PNG Oscar Awards Selection Committee in November last year.
New NCC board sworn in

A new Board for National Cultural Commission was sworn in today in Port Moresby after six years of not having one. The ex-officio members of the board include Prime Minister and National Executive Council department secretary


lastest news and events

Momase Regional National Cultural Policy workshop was held in Lae on the 26th January 2022. This was the 3rd regional workshop and it will be concluded with the Highlands Regional Workshop in Mt Hagen on 17th February 2022 before the validation workshop with the stake holders in Port Moresby in early March 2022.

Work on a policy document on arts and culture is progressing well with anticipation to present it before cabinet early next year.The 10-year National Cultural Policy 2022 – 2032, when approved by government, will become the first ever policy on arts and culture since the inception of the National Cultural Commission 37 years ago.

Stakeholders in the arts and culture sector from the Momase region were given the opportunity yesterday (Wed. 26 Jan.) to contribute towards the development of a National Cultural Policy 2022 – 2032.Provincial arts and cultural officials and sector representatives from West and East Sepik, Madang and Morobe converged at the Lae International Hotel to participate in the National Cultural Policy consultation workshop to comment and express views on aspects they believe are important to improve on the current draft.

DPM declares Kilanda as best performing agency head in 2021

The Department of Personnel Management has recognized the Executive Director of National Cultural Commission as the best performing head of government agency for 2021.The department presented a Certificate of Achievement to Mr. Kilanda after assessing his performance using an online Performance Management System (PMS), which DPM uses to monitor and assess the performances of heads of government agencies during the course of their contract of employment.

Eastern Highlands under fire for neglect of cultural institutions

The Eastern Highlands Provincial Government and its provincial administration came under fire this week for neglecting cultural institutions in its province.

National Cultural Commission today presented K60,000.00 to National Perforning Arts Troup for the maintenance of the iconic cultural building in Goroka EHP.

About National Cultural Commission

Papua New Guinea  National Cultural Commission is one of the cultural agencies under the Ministry of Tourism Arts and Culture. The National Cultural Commission is mandated by the Government in 1994 to carry out is  primary   objective  to assist,  facilitate, preserve, protect, develop, promote and safeguard the traditional cultures of the indigenous people of Papua New Guinea

Functions and Responsibilities


To assist and facilitate, preserve, protect, develop and promote the traditional cultures of the indigenous peoples of Papua New Guinea.


To encourage the development, promotion and protection of the contemporary cultures of Papua New Guinea


To facilitate the marketing of selected and approved aspects of the cultures of Papua New Guinea


To co-ordinate and partner with Government and non-government agencies on cultural matters

Cultural Activities

To co-ordinate cultural activities with provincial and local cultural authorities


To liaise with international cultural organizations

Our Goal


1. Foster respect and collaboration with all communities, organizations and stakeholders concerned with the preservation, protection and promotion of PNG cultural heritage.

2. Identity and stimulate the growth and the market of creative industries

3. Promote nation building through cultural education

4. Improve and strengthen the corporate governance of the commission


Preserving, Communicating and Celebrating Papua New Guinea Diversity


To Preserve, Promote and Safe Guard Our Diverse Tangible and Intangible Cultural Heritage

Executive Director Foreword

The National Cultural Commission has very important mandate and functional responsibility in the face of this modern and current development transition. As custodian of this culture and tradition, it is our duty to preserve, protect, promotes and safeguard Papua New Guinea tangible and intangible cultural heritage as well as our contemporary culture.

National Cultural Institutions

The National Cultural Institutions play a important roles to preserve and document the cultural heritage of Papua New Guinea through film, drama and recording.

Institute of PNG Studies

Carrying out research into, recording and interpreting all aspects of the traditional culture of the indigenous inhabitants of the country and establishing a library of Papua New Guinea folklore.

National Film Institute

Developing film as a medium of communication with a wide Papua New Guinea audience and creating awareness of the richness of Papua New Guinea cultures through film.

National Performing Arts Troupe

Developing and utilising theatre in Papua New Guinea as a tool for communication and social change at all levels of society, with particular emphasis at the village level.

Helplines Services

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(+675) 323 5111

Explore Our Division

The Cultural Commission is  structured according to four internal divisions :

Executive Service Division

It is responsible for the overall and effective management of the Commission on a daily basis. It also maintains strategic direction and partnerships with local, national and international organizations connected to the work of the culture.

Policy, Planning & Regulator Division

The Policy, Research and Regulatory Services Division has three distinct functions which are complement each other in the areas of: (i) policy formulation and development in cultural heritage, arts, international organizations’ programmes and activities, (ii) Research and documentation, and (iii) Regulatory compliance and monitoring.

Corporative Service Division

 The Corporate Services Division’s primary role is to provide financial accountability, recruitment, training for effective and efficient delivery of service.

Culture, Festival & Marketing Division

Cultural Services Development Division comprises of four (4) branches including: (i) Cultural Development, (ii) Marketing, (iii) Festival and (iv) Cultural industries. Cultural development relies on information and data pertinent to culture and arts of PNG which must be recorded and retained in an appropriate database system.

Registering of Cultural/Contemporary Groups and Individual Artists in Papua New Guinea

Encourage cultural preservation amongst the registered cultural/contemporary groups or individual artists in line with the Commission’s guidelines on Preservation and Performances

Upcoming Events and Activities

Festival and events for the  month of September and October


Contempary Arts Exhibition

Tavur Festival

Hiri Molale

Explore Our Culture

By preserving, protecting and safeguarding all the different cultures from extinction is one important responsibility of NCC

2021 News Highlight

For stories, festivals, events and news

The country's first ever cultural policy paper underway after nearly 40 years.
The first ever policy paper on culture for Papua New Guinea has been drafted and now being consulted on by respective provincial government officials through a workshop in Port Moresby.
The first leg of the regional consultative workshop on the National Cultural Policy  c  2022-2032 was held yesterday at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Port Moresby. This is for the Southern region while Momase, Highlands and New Guinea Islands will follow.
Government recognizes local artists.
A total of 43 local artists were presented certificates of participation yesterday by the National Cultural Commission for taking part in the first ever national contemporary arts exhibition recently.

An impressed Minister for Tourism Arts and Culture Isi Henry Leonard said he was happy to have met the artists in person. He congratulated them and urged the artists to continue to tell their stories through their paintings and artworks whilst the government find ways to promote and help them develop their talents locally and internationally.
NCC and Central Province sign pact to develop and promote culture
Central Provincial Government today forged ties with the National Cultural Commission to develop, promote and preserve the cultural heritage of the people of Central Province.
The partnership in the form of a memorandum of understanding was signed at the Central Provincial Administration office in Konedobu, Port Moresby. The signatories of the MoU included the Minister for Tourism Arts and Culture Hon. Isi Henry Leonard, the acting Provincial Administrator Mr. John Koaba and the Executive Director of National Cultural Commission Mr. Steven Enomb Kilanda.
Traditional Knowledge and Cultural Expression bill

The Senior Management Team from NCC met with Dr Kwa and had a very fruitful discussion to push for the Traditional Knowledge and Cultural Expression bill

MOU signing between Milne Bay Provincial Government and the National Cultural Commission

The official MOU signing between Milne Bay Provincial Government and the National Cultural Commission took place today at Kiriwina Secondary School in Trobian Island,Milne Bay Province during the official Launching of the Kiriwina Cultural Show.

Minister Leonard launches a book about Kowai people's Culture.

The cultures, traditions, lifestyle and customs of the people of Kowai of the Siassi Islands of Morobe Province have been captured in a new released book called ‘Kowai-Wisdom’.

Kopen Take Pii Festival was officially launch

Kopen Take Pii Festival was officially launched by the Minister for Tourism,Arts and Culture Hon. Isi Henry Leonard on the 5th August 2021at Kopen Village, Wabag Enga Province.

Siwai Cultural Show Launching

Siwai Cultural Show was officially launched by the Minister for Tourism, Arts and Culture Hon. Isi Henry Leonard and Minister for Communication and Information Technology and Member for South Bougainville Hon. Timothy Masiu 

Opening of National Flim Institute New Studio Complex

Papua New Guinea National Cultural Commission delivers yet another impact project in National Flim Institue New Studio Complex with less cost.